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Happy New Year With Real Estate Wishes

Top 10 Housing Markets 2008
Results through the third quarter of 2008 are in for the top 10 housing markets for appreciation in 2008. Here is the updated list:
Biloxi Mississippi Homes for Sale
Austin Texas Homes for Sale
Mobile Alabama Homes for Sale
Salem Oregon Homes for Sale
Albuquerque New Mexico Homes for Sale
Pascagoula Mississippi Homes for Sale
Boise Idaho Homes for Sale
Edmond Oklahoma Homes for Sale
Oklahoma City Oklahoma Homes for Sale
Yakima Washington Homes for Sale
The top markets for 2008 are divided throughout all parts of the Country from the west to the east and into the southern states. No region of the Country was more dominate than another as more and smaller communities based on population made the Top 10, which have less appreciation forecast than earlier in the year.