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Here is a new article I contributed on regarding investment property...


Looking for help, facing foreclosure perhaps?

You may be able to find some answers at this website, have a look;
If you cannot find what you are looking for please call or email me, I have many resources at my finger tips! Kind Regards, Jill

What I read this weekend...

According to Moody’s, our Puget Sound home values are projected to decrease in value from peak to trough at -21.92%. Currently the figure is -20.97%. So we are almost there! Moody’s says we should bottom out mid 2010. Think of this along with the above. For 3 years builders haven’t been building enough homes to meet demand. And come 3rd/4th quarter 2010, buyers may begin to see some upward movement in price, and thus become more motivated to buy sooner as opposed to later.