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Eco friendly, going green within our housing community...

Green Product Information Available on
Creating a greener, more socially responsible world motivated a Bellevue teacher to launch, a compendium of information for consumers. Founder-owner Jay Kilby says his website “recognizes the power of the marketplace.”
“We want businesses to sell environmentally and socially responsible products, and we want consumers to choose them,” explained Kilby, a social studies teacher at Interlake High School.
In a section labeled the “Meaning of Green,” Kilby explains it is not always an easy task to determine which products qualify as "eco friendly" or "socially responsible." He notes there is no attempt to "certify" products listed on the site, but it does outline a series of guidelines that are followed to determine which products to list.
The site encourages green and socially responsible consumption in three ways: a Green Neighborhood Center, an Eco-Library and through its Green and Fair Tr…

"The Farm Annual" Garage Sale, 6/12/09

Dont miss this annual event! Park the car, walk & shop the neighborhood. See you there.
Woodinville, WA 98072