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Are you ready for the Holiday's and the winter elements?!

*Things to do to your home for the Holiday's;

1.Make sure the fireplace is clean and ready to use. If you have not had a professional chimney sweep out to your home it is a good idea to do so. Chimney fires do happen from built up soot (just ask my parents!).
2.Make sure you use the proper extension cords (rated for indoor & outdoor use) when using Holiday lights.
3.Have candles, flashlights & extra batteries handy (maybe in a special drawer)so you are prepared for a possible power outage during the winter months (remember last Christmas?!).
4.By now you would want to make sure your outside hose bibs are wrapped/covered from freezing temps. I know that Home Depot sells styrofoam covers for $. 99.
5.If you dont have a snow shovel, go buy one now. If it snows you won't find one!
6.It is a good idea to have extra food on the shelves (don't want to be snowed in or have power outages with no goodies to munch on!). If you have holiday guests staying with you have some fun food…